Interview with Makda Isak

Makda Isak is currently a graduate student at Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany). Her main focuses of her Sociology studies are Gender- & Postcolonial studies. She is a Black Feminist, navigating between different spaces. In fall 2018 she studied at the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at Syracuse University for the Certificate of Advanced Studies. During her undergraduate studies, Makda was cofounder of the People of Color students group Mainz. With this group, she started nationwide conversations on the realities of racialized students in German universities. This campus-work also brought her to organizing spaces in the UK and France. Meanwhile several student of color campus groups have emerged in Germany – they are breaking out of their isolation. Makda is an Empowerment trainer and does workshops with young racialized people in Germany. She also gives lectures on Black Feminisms (in Germany and in March 2018 at the University of Cape Town) where she tries to connect activism and hip-hop-/pop-culture with Black Feminist epistemologies.