Interview with Nandita Shah

Nandita Shah is an activist, researcher and social worker. She is currently co-director of Akshara Center, a not for profit women’s rights organization based in Mumbai. She has over 30 years of experience in strengthening the women’s movements locally, nationally and internationally both through her activism and writing. Nandita has been an active member in the International council of the World Social Forum (WSF), an important platform for alternative voices globally. She has been involved in organizing transnational feminist dialogues. Nandita is co-author of the books “Issues at Stake: Theory and Practice in the Contemporary Women’s Movement in India” (1992) and “Contingent Workers: Women in Two Industries in Mumbai” (2002). Nandita has also co-author several articles, such as Structural Adjustment, Feminization of Labor Force and Organizational Strategies, Maharashtra’s Policy for Women and Industrial Restructuring: Workers in Plastic Processing Industry.