Archives of Justice was born out of a collaboration between Black Italian filmmaker and activist Medhin Paolos and Dominican American scholar and writer Lorgia García Peña. We were brought together by our common concern with the exclusion of women of color, particularly those who are migrants from colonized Global South countries, from the official archives and narratives about the very histories they helped to shape. We want to center and honor people as historical actors by telling their stories in relationship to social processes and events from the perspectives of people who are close to those stories and invested in them. To do so we rely on collaboration from storytellers, researchers, curators, and contributors who share their knowledge, talent, personal history and time. If you would like to become an Archives of Justice contributor, please fill out the request form and join us!

Luke Hollis is a member of the Archives of Justice team and digital humanist concerned with building archives to tell untold and underrepresented stories.


Sofia Shapiro has a BA in Computer Science and a minor in Latinx Studies. She contributed to the development to the site and was the co-creator of the La Peña Gallery Archive.

Adrian Rios

Camara Brown

Linda Carty: Associate Professor of African American Studies, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies. Co Creator of Feminist Freedom Warriors

Chandra Talpade Mohanti: Distinguished Professor, Dean’s Professor of the Humanities Women’s and Gender Studies. Co Creator of Feminist Freedom Warriors