Archives of Justice

Archives of Justice Minding the Historical Gap

Understanding the past from the perspective of the people who are often left out of the narrative: Black, brown, Asian, Indigenous, colonized and migrant people, particularly those who identify as women, trans, non-binary and queer


Explore the Interactive Map of Archives of Justice

This is an interactive map of Archives of Justice that shows the links between people, historical events, and social processes. It also allows you to visualize the universe that makes up each archive/person. To navigate, hover over any of the blue hexagons and click to see the particular person and documents, media, and events that populate their archive. Follow the lines across or in zigzag to see how one person connects via an event, a geography or an archival item to another person across geographies and historical moments. There is no wrong way to interact with the archives, take your time to trace the multiple connections and discover where you fit in the circularity of Our History!