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Motivation of Hope

[Durante el primer embarazo en San Diego]….. extrañaba a mi esposo y a mí y a mi familia también a mí a mi mamá pero y a mi papá. Pero decía yo me quise venir para acá. O sea que yo quería que fuera algo bueno para mi hija que… Read more

Nyonya Slippers

Even before a marriage had been arranged, future Nyonya brides would begin embroidering several pairs of slippers for her wedding including a pair for herself, her mother, and her future mother-in-law. Read more

Nyonya Matriarchs

Nyonyas from the Yew family wearing the more decorative, colourful sarong kabayas found in Penang, an important port ceded to the British East India Company in 1786 and home to one of SE Asia’s largest Peranakan Chinese communities. Read more