Yolanda Garden

Coming of age during the dictatorship of Trujillo (1930-61), Yolanda Garden confronted repression, homophobia, machismo and war, with valor, becoming a key figure in the 1965 civil war in the Dominican Republic, despite never appearing in history books. Her revolutions, however, were many, including the human… Read more

Sonia Espinosa

Sonia Espinosa is an undocumented artist, activists and entrepreneur. Prior to graduating from Harvard, Espinosa helped co-found the NYC Cannabis Cultural Association (CCA), an organization which strives to involve underrepresented communities in the legal cannabis/hemp industry. Currently, Sonia is focused on the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council, @MAConsumers, who’s efforts seek… Read more

Lily Yew

Lily Yew: The Last Tailor? This interview documents the changing experiences of Straits Chinese identity by one of the last Straits Chinese tailors living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Lily Yew. The Straits Chinese or Peranakan Chinese have been in Southeast Asia since the 15th century. Peranakan is a Malay… Read more

Jean Jean

Jean Jean Dominican-Haitian an actor and director living in Montreal, Canada. Jean Jean became undocumented in the country in which he grew up when in 2013 the Dominican Constitutional Court passed a legislation that denationalized over 200 thousand people of Haitian descent. Ruling 168-13, better known as La Sentencia, dictates… Read more

Feminist Freedom Warriors

Feminist Freedom Warriors (FFW) is a digital video archive documenting cross-generational conversations about justice, politics and hope with feminist scholar-activists. This collaborative effort features Chandra Talpade Mohanty, and Linda Carty in conversation with comrades and sisters in struggle, with a team of graduate and undergraduate students providing creative, research, and… Read more

Doña Ofelia″> Doña Ofelia, in her own voice, tells us about her journey crossing the Tijuana-San Diego border between the US and Mexico in 1992 to give birth to her daughter in the United States. It is a testimony of her motivation to cross the border, her experience… Read more

Arisleyda Dilone

Arisleyda Dilone was born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic and now lives in New York City. In her interview she talks Lorgia about her creative process as a film director, her experience as an intersex woman, her migration history, and her views on feminism and queer identity. Read more