Rocio v. Belshe

In July of 1998, Doña Ofelia received a letter informing her of a possible settlement in the case of Rocio v. Belsche. Because of this case, undocumented people who had previously received a letter in 1994 from the California Department of Health Services (DHS) stating they owed money for Medi-Cal services were informed that they did not have to pay back those medical services. Furthermore, if they had already paid for those services, they would be paid back by the Department of Health Services. The misleading letter said that they had to pay back Medi-Cal services they received in the U.S. In the end, the plaintiffs and defendants settled because the people receiving emergency medical services were eligible for Medi-Cal services. DHS had to refund money to people who paid back their MediCal bills and send out information about their rights to Medi-Cal services. For Doña Ofelia, this case gave her back the opportunity to apply for a tourist visa.