“Top 5 Places”

On The Sovereign Man website, Simon Black caters to wealthy people who seek to “achieve true freedom and prosperity.” To do that, he suggests you, “have to be able to make more money, keep more of it, and increase your freedom.” Black, a white male-identified entrepreneur, offers advice to other people who share his goals and passions. One of his pieces of advice is titled “Set your child up for life with a second citizenship: 5 places to have a baby.” He suggests Brazil, Chile, Canada, Panama, and Barbados. It is clear that Black is writing for people that are wealthy enough to travel across the world (not just one border) to give birth. His blog and this blog post, specifically, bring to light the interest wealthy white families have in “exposing” their children to a “melting pot of various races and ethnicities” through attaining the citizenship status of a specific nation. (The Sovereign Man)