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President Johnson Regrets the Intervention

“I have nothing in the world I want except to do what I believe to be right. I don’t always know what’s right. Sometimes I take other people’s judgments, and I get misled. Like sending troops in there to Santo Domingo. But the man that misled me was Lyndon Johnson,… Read more

Seeking Asylum in Paris

From the Written Memoir by Jas Elsner: To be granted international asylum in Paris, he needed some kind of accreditation that showed him to be a sufficiently promising painter to be allowed to stay. So he went to see the famous Polish sculptor, Zadkine, who had been settled in France… Read more

Tujuh Lapis Batik Sarong

This tujuh lapis (seven layers of ink) batik was printed in West Java using a Chinese cloud design known as mega mendung. The motif, often found mainland China’s southern provinces, is only produced as a batik form in the West Javanese port of Cirebon. The batik uses blue dyes, a… Read more

Zen Brushes

Under the influence of the meditation school in which I was involved, I understood more and more the inner problem of art… like, for example, the problem of decision. It was then that I discovered Japanese paper, and this paper taught me a lesson. I also started to use Japanese… Read more

Mami y Yo y Mi Gallito / Mom and Me and My Little Rooster

From the personal experience of the director, the film engages the challenges of living in an intersex body. We see the director/protagonist confront her doctor, her mother and the rest of the family as she claims her body as one that belongs to the multiple spaces that have sought to… Read more

Statelessness and Maternal Health in DR

In 2013, the Dominican Republic changed its immigration policies to ensure that children who are born in the Dominican Republic to undocumented parents do not receive Dominican citizenship. If Haitian women give birth to their children in the Dominican Republic, they also do not receive Haitian citizenship because they were… Read more

Russians in Florida The tone of this NBC news segment on Russian “birth tourism” is curious rather than fearful and suspicious. It centers Russian women who pay to safely and easily give birth in Miami, Florida. The segment includes interviews of several Russian women who explain their desire for their children… Read more

“Top 5 Places”

On The Sovereign Man website, Simon Black caters to wealthy people who seek to “achieve true freedom and prosperity.” To do that, he suggests you, “have to be able to make more money, keep more of it, and increase your freedom.” Black, a white male-identified entrepreneur, offers advice to other… Read more

“Choose Your Baby’s Citizenship”

On this website for travel journalists, this blog post offers advice on what to keep in mind if you want to give your child a second citizenship status. The essay provides things to think about such as dual citizenship laws, tax liability, military service requirements, security regulations, cost of college… Read more